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you are my sweetest sin... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[30 Jun 2005|11:04pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Today was wonderful....woke up round 2 or 3 bc i went to sleep at like 6 bc yeah well i woke up to no power at all and trees down everywhere on my street

well yeah then i took a shower and went to johnnys bc he had power and my mommy was at her frineds and yeah any hoo i spent the day with him it was fun just me and him all day

oooo ooo yeah and i saw Bobby hahah I LOVE THAT KID TO DEATH hes the sweetest kid ever...he came over to Johnnys for a bit...ugh but he came up stairs and sat on me when i was laying down i was like w/e

then this ryan kid kept looking at me funni i was liek ok idk who the hell he was it was one of DJs freinds ....

then me and johnny went for a walk

ok well i have to go clean and pack bc im going up north with tiff...for like ever and a half

<33 I Love Jon Doully!!!!

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[29 Jun 2005|12:34am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

today was boring ...woke up went to the doctors with crystal then rented movies and watched them and then came back here at like 6 and chilled with johnny till like 1130

wow hmm boring

ooo today me and crystal went to her work and bitched out her thingo bc shes a bitch and walked out so now we have no place to get ice cream bc we aint allowed in there no more...then me and her went to look for a job for her

ok well nothing to say byeeeeee....

<33 I love Jon Doully ...!!!

Will You Be My Sweetest Sin?

[28 Jun 2005|12:03am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Yesterday was fun ..kinda....

Me and Crystal were out and about everywhere till like 7 and then i came home and chilled with my baby ...and then we went to his house at 8 and then the fireworks at 10 left at 11 and we went back to his house for an hour

i caught a toad thingy and DJ's(johnnys brother) freinds were talking about killing it :( and then johnny hid my purse i was like w/e and then he made me mad so i thru ice at him and then a lil bit of water so he dumped a whole bucket of water over my head i was mad but yeah so i went in the house and me and johnny went in his room to get new clothes and i chnaged

it was an interesting day

today i went to the beach with my mom and got a lil tan..then we went back to danas and i rode the 4wheeler to some lil lake thing and then came back and he was gonna take me on the motorcycle but we went to red lobster instead and then my mom and him drop'd me off at home and i hung out with crystal out in detriot till about 1030 with some ppl ...and then yeah came home and eric came over till 11 and then me and him walked round and then i called johnny and we talked for a lil bit

next time i go to the beach johnnys going with me so it will be less boring

hmmmok im so fuckin bored hmm well im going byeeeeeeeeeeeee

<33 I Love Jon Doully..!!

Will You Be My Sweetest Sin?

[26 Jun 2005|03:37am]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey guys whats up...well yeah here my new journal bc i got bored with the other one

today was good

hung out with crystal ...chilled out in detroit...and then came home and chilled with my baby ...i love hanging out with him he makes me so flip'n happy i love it .... i love him !!!!!

im so tired right now....im starting to clean my room and get everything out of it so i can get my room finished and get the wood flooring in here ...

hmm....on the 3rd im going up north with tiffy for a few days ...i havent been up there with her at her place in like 3 years..and that was with kevin as well ...that was an odd trip

haha today i painted johnny cute pictures lol i got really bored sitting at crystals ok

tomrrow im going over to johnnys for the day ..hopefully !!!

and um yeah ...Kevin I am droping everything..so if any one says shit its all my frineds not me and i cant stop them so w/e...and if you and Amber still wanna talk shit to me and about me ..then good for you ...go ahead its not going to effect me you dont matter to me anymore and i could care less what you and amber think or say about me
all of this is really immature pointless annoying and a waste of my time and i dont feel like dealing with the drama its just stressin me out ...so im outta this if anything else happenings as in ppl calling amber saying shit ..take it up with my frineds...and like i said b4 if we stop talking this time im done ....we will not be talking again...ever ...I really dont want anything to do with you any more what so ever and i would like it if you just cut off all contact with me im tired of being treated like shit u said you changed but its obvious you didnt ...and that you never cared about me andit was never love but only lust ....and its straight your with amber i just hate the way u treat me when your with her so have a nice life

ok well nothing more to say so im out

<33 I love Jon Doully!! <33

Will You Be My Sweetest Sin?

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